Web Design Akron, Ohio, offers many different kinds of advertising. That way, you can get the word out about your company quickly and effectively. We will help you choose the right ads for your company after we get to know your company better.

Display Advertising

This type of advertising typically uses text and images. Think of popups, ad banners, and landing pages. Our Akron company can connect your site with the blogs and websites that your target audience visits. One benefit of display ads is that they can direct the audience’s attention to your service or product. This is a highly successful method, and visitors who were retargeted with these ads are 70 times more likely to convert when they visit your site.

Search Engine Marketing

With search engine marketing, you can promote your site and your content. You will only pay every time a user clicks on anad and goes to your site. You will get specific information about your market with this approach.

Social Media Advertisements

Without a doubt, social media ads are growing every year, as there are about 1.65 billion active users on social media today. Every day, there are 1 million more users added. The budgets for advertising on social media have doubled around the world in just two years.

With paid social media ads, you can reach more of your brand’s target audience and not spenda lot of money. We’ll work with some of the most popular sites, including Twitter and Facebook. If you are a B2B company, we can help you reach out through LinkedIn.

Native Advertising

If you have ever seen sponsored ads at the bottom of Facebook or blog posts, these are considered to be native ads. That might include recommended reading or things that other people liked. These are tailored to your audience so you can see more results.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

This advertisement means that you will only pay when someone clicks on it. That makes this a better tool for you. Even if 100 people see the ad and just one person clicked through, the ad will only cost you what the person clicked on. Usually, these ads are text and have a small image. If you run them on Google, 64.6 percent will click on them if they are looking to purchase an item.

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